Exploring Paris

Paris Street Views - 01

It feels like ages ago now that I was in Paris, but I’ve finally got around to going through all the pictures I took (I know – I can’t believe it took me this long, either!) and I’m actually pretty pleased with what I captured. And so, outside of all the beauty shopping, here’s what Jeff and my Parisian weekend looked like… 

Paris Airbnb weekend travel

Paris Airbnb weekend travel bedroom

Paris Airbnb weekend travel kitchen

Paris Airbnb weekend travel room

Paris Airbnb weekend travel saturday with magazines in bed

Paris Airbnb weekend travel view from the bedroom

Paris Airbnb weekend travel view from the kitchen at sunrise

Paris Street Views - 02

Paris Street Views - 03

Paris Street Views - 04

Paris Street Views - 05

Paris Street Views - 06

Paris Street Views - 07

Paris Street Views - 08

Paris Street Views - 09

Paris Street Views - 10

Paris Street Views - 11

Paris Street Views - 12

Paris Street Views - 13

Paris Street Views - 14

Paris Street Views - 15

Paris Street Views - 16

Paris Street Views - 17

Paris Street Views - 18

Paris Street Views - 19

Paris Street Views - 20

Paris Street Views - 21

Paris Street Views - 22

Paris Street Views - 23

Paris Street Views - 24

Paris Street Views - 25

Paris Street Views - 26

Paris Street Views - 27

Paris Street Views - 28

Paris Street Views - 29

Paris Street Views - 30

Paris Street Views - 31

Paris Street Views - 32

Paris Street Views - 33

Paris Street Views - 34

Paris Street Views - 35

Paris Street Views - 36

Paris Street Views - 37

Paris Street Views - 38

Paris Street Views - 39

Paris Street Views - 40

For three days and two nights we called a cosy Airbnb apartment in Montmartre all our own. It was on the fourth, and top, floor of an apartment building on a quiet residential street and the views were simply amazing – just look at those roof tops! I loved lounging in bed on Saturday morning reading magazines before heading out for coffee near the Sacre Coeur; in the evenings we were able to sip wine and nibble cheese at the kitchen table before heading out to dinner nearby. For the few days we were there, it really felt like Paris was our home.

But during the day we were certainly tourists we made sure to pass by as many major landmarks as possible! We stopped by the Arc de Triomphe, Luxor Obelisk, Louvre (but we didn’t go in this time because we’ve both been there multiple times before!), Musée D’Orsay, Pont des Arts (before the love locks were, sadly, removed 💔), Jardin des Tuileries, enjoyed a stroll along Champs Élysées, looked back on Paris from La Défense, and, of course, went up to the top of the Eiffel Tour and toasted to our mini break with an obligatory glass of champagne.

Still, despite seeing so many gorgeous landmarks, some of my favourite sites that weekend in Paris were not the usual tourist attractions and were a bit off the beaten track. I loved stumbling upon the flower and gardening market near Allée Célestin Hennion; it was so much fun to wander through and imagine what I would buy for my garden or flower box if I lived in Paris. People watching while sipping coffees felt somehow more rewarding because I couldn’t understand every word of every conversation, and we imagined what the people we were watching were doing and talking about. (Hands up if you sometimes sip a coffee by a cafe window just to people watch!) I also loved admiring the outfits of everyone we saw; Parisians really are quite a stylish bunch.

No matter how beautiful the small moments are, for me there will always be something magical about when I see the Eiffel Tour peeking out above the roof tops… Though I imagine for Parisians it’s a bit like when I see Big Ben in London; every time I see it I feel totally grounded and remember just how much I love this city.

London, I love you, but I really enjoyed my love affair with Paris… 🇫🇷

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