Juillet: My Little Road Trip Box

My Little Road Trip Box - 1

Bonjour Juillet! And hello, road trip dreams with this month’s My Little Box. Ever a wanderlust, there was no way I wasn’t going to love this box – I simply enjoy travelling and exploring far too much! And so, let’s get this journey started… 

My Little Road Trip Box - 2

My Little Road Trip Box - 3

My Little Road Trip Box - 4

My Little Road Trip Box - 5

My Little Road Trip Box - 6

My Little Road Trip Box - 7

My Little Road Trip Box - 8

My Little Road Trip Box - 9

My Little Road Trip Box - 10

My Little Road Trip Box - 11

My Little Road Trip Box - 12

My Little Road Trip Box - 13

My Little Road Trip Box - 14

When it’s time to actually travel (you know, once the flights/trains are booked and the hotel is sorted) the last thing left to do is pack. So when I opened this box and saw the print with the phrase Life is like a road trip: enjoy each day and don’t carry too much baggage. I had to stop and think: how sweet is that? Because it just resonated with me. After years of travelling on long trips, short trips, and moving between countries I’ve learned how to travel light, but I’ve recently been recognising that’s not a skill I always apply to my day-to-day life – even though I wish it was. This quote felt like such an apt reminder, and totally relevant to me.

But on to the rest of the box! As I’ve come to expect, it was filled with many cute goodies intended to get us prepared for our next trip.

As I mentioned on Instagram my next trip is to Madrid, and I think the Essie Roarrrrange will be a wonderfully bright colour to get me in the sunshine spirit before I fly. While I’m there I’ll be exposed to plenty of sunshine (hey there, vitamin D!) and while I’ll be guzzling water by the litre and slathering on the SPF every chance I get, the Summer Sorbet by My Little Beauty will surely come in handy once I’m back at the hotel to help calm and hydrate my skin. (I’m thinking it will make the perfect pre-siesta companion!)

Also included this month is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I do enjoy using micellar waters to remove my makeup after work/before yoga (and then cleanse properly after getting my sweat on!) so that I’m not cursing the mascara burn. (If you have ever left eye makeup on for a sweaty workout, you know exactly what I’m talking about!) I probably won’t bring this on my next holiday, but I do appreciate the intention.

Faux tattoos are pretty on-trend at the moment, and included in this box is a golden temporary tattoo set by DCER – which are perfect for me to play with because I change my mind too easily about what kind of tattoo I’d want or where I’d get it if I got one!

Now for something a little more practical: a pen that doubles as a stylus, a ready-to-send notebook (you read that right; simply fold over the cover, tape shut, and post!) and a travel organiser, the last two which should be available on My Little Corner soon. I don’t know about you, but I find that sunscreen hands (while practical for avoiding sunburn!) are pretty useless on my touchscreen phone. No more! With these little items, I’ll be able to journal and Instagram by the beach – and have all my travel bits & bobs organised for the journey.

Is it time to pack my bags yet?

My Little Box runs on a subscription service and costs £11 per month plus £3.95 P&P. For more info, check out the My Little Box subscription area. 

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