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Review: Tonic & Remedy in Old Street

2. Tonic & Remedy - Menu
In a bid to enable my Instagram addiction (if you haven’t already, check out my account here!), Jeff made dinner reservations for two at Tonic & Remedy after googling Instagrammable food in London for our date night last weekend…

1. Tonic & Remedy - Sign outside

Tonic & Remedy

4. Tonic & Remedy - Table Detail

Table decore

3. Tonic & Remedy - view from our table

The view from our corner table

6. Tonic & Remedy - Cocktail

Cocktail: Jamming, Beefeater dry gin, pomegranate & basil jam, mint, black pepper extract, unrefined sugar and topped with a caramel spoon

5. Tonic & Remedy - Gin & Tonic Salmon

Starter: G&T cured salmon, cucumber & dill

7. Tonic & Remedy - Steak

Main: charcoal-grilled 7ox onglet steak

8. Tonic & Remedy - chips

Side: devilled fries

9. Tonic & Remedy - leftovers

Leftovers – in the form of a takeaway swan

Tonic & Remedy is a new(ish) restaurant in the Old Street area, located near the roundabout in the same building as the M by Montcalm Hotel on City Road. It was our first visit here, and – spoiler! – we’ll certainly be coming back.

Jeff & I arrived at 7pm on Saturday with a reservation, but this wasn’t necessary for dinner so early. We were quickly greeted and offered a choice of tables upstairs; we opted for the one at the corner window so we could enjoy the view and the rest of the daylight. Our server was really sweet and friendly, answering our questions, making recommendations and checking with the chef/head bartender for additional information and clarifications to our weirdly specific (which isn’t usually like us at all!) questions about ingredients and flavours.

This summer Tonic & Remedy are offering a set menu special: £18 for two courses or £25 for three courses and a glass of wine. We decided to go for the two course meal with starters and mains, and I’m so glad we did – I found the portions to be very filling!

I chose the G&T cured salmon, cucumber and dill for my starter, which was really delicious. Fresh, crisp and just the right hint of gin and tonic flavour I was really impressed – and needed to remind myself to eat slowly so that I could savour each bite. I was also secretly (though not anymore!) pleased that Jeff doesn’t eat salmon so that I could greedily enjoy each bite for myself.

For the main, I went for the charcoal-grilled 7ox onglet steak (medium rare) with devilled fries for a £2 surcharge. If you’re a fan of steak and chips, this is worth it. A good firm texture without being too chewy, there is a hint of charcoal flavouring on the outside of the steak, with the insides being tender and juicy. The fries are served separately and dusted with salt and a savoury seasoning (it tasted a bit like paprika, garlic and onion powder to me, but I may be mistaken!). I was a bit sad that this wasn’t served with ketchup, but the fries complimented the steak so nicely that I never actually got around to asking for any condiments because I found myself content with how it was prepared.

In the end I wasn’t able to finish my main – I only got through about half! – because it was so filling. Thankfully they were happy to wrap it up for me, and I got a shiny silver swan to take home with me.

Last but not least: my drink. Oh, my drink! I ordered the Jamming and it was delicious. Beefeater dry gin, pomegranate & basil jam, mint, black pepper extract, unrefined sugar and topped with a caramel spoon – this was easily one of the better cocktails I’ve had in quite a while. It was the right ratio of bitter to sweet, and the taste of the gin paired nicely with the pomegranate & basil jam. It was easy to sip and a real pleasure with my meal. I’d also happily have one on it’s own if anyone fancies cocktails at their bar…

If you’re after inspiration for a great date night restaurant, I recommend making a reservation at T&R.

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