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The Photocopy Club

the photocopy club

Welcome to The Photocopy Club

Photocopies of photographs from all over the world, without artist names or titles immediately visible, decorated the walls at The Church of London last night.

the photocopy club wall

“We want the show to be like a giant zine that everyone can take a page from.”

It’s like looking through a scrapbook of everything that someone else likes and reminds me of my teenage bedroom: covered in pictures and posters of everything I loved, worshiped and wanted. But instead of notes from my friends, magazine cutouts of models and computer printouts of 1980s punk bands, these are stunning photocopies of photographs and they’re making art affordable.

And because they’re photocopies stuck up on a wall without frames they don’t scream for attention the way art does in traditional exhibitions. Here the pieces are hung so close together that they nearly overlap, creating a beautiful wallpaper that is only appreciated when you stop and realise you are surrounded by art.

the photocopy club

Display of envelopes from The Photocopy Club’s submissions.

This exhibition is wonderful and I can’t wait till the next one.

This monthly exhibition features photocopied/xerox photography from photographers around the world. what we are hoping to achieve with this project is to get photography off the Internet and get printed matter back in the the hands of the public. Photocopying is one of the cheapest ways to get photography printed, Basically we want the show to be like a giant zine that everyone can take a page from.

The Photocopy Club

The Photocopy Club is curated by Matt Martin.

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