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Fashion meets art: London College of Fashion Media Styling review 2012

Last week I attended the London College of Fashion Media Styling review. And while their Fashion Sting cocktail had me questioning body image (image to the right for reference, complete with a tape measure), I wasn’t fully impressed with a lot of the work I saw.

I was either too distracted by the model’s poses or beauty to realise what they were wearing. That, or I was critiquing the photographer’s choice of angle/lighting/depth-of-field.

But there was one image on display that I found striking that left me wondering about the clothes…

Fashion Sting cocktail had me thinking about my waistline.
Sewing themed cocktails at the review.

Made in Spain by Silvia Suarez (disclaimer: she’s one of my best friends but her work wasn’t labelled at the show so I didn’t know it was hers – or what it was called – till I spoke with her halfway through the night) is a brilliant example of when fashion meets art.

“Handmade tradition highlights the weight of national heritage as it becomes more present in the fashion industry. Southern roots and embroidered garments portrayed by the new generation of Spanish beauty,” she says about the collection.

When I first saw the image I was drawn to the lips (I love a bold lip!) and loved how she chose to pair it with the  thick liquid eye liner.

Then I noticed the lace, and all I could think about was how I could get lace into my wardrobe. Instantly I lusted for a lace scarf – she’s wearing a scarf and I love scarves. Then I wanted the ginormous earrings – I like flashy jewellery, but, erm, hardly wear earrings.

Finally, Silvia put me out of my misery and told me she styled the image. Brilliant! Now I know who to talk to about sourcing those items…

And in case you didn’t know, I’m not typically drawn to fashion or trends. I’ve always had my own (albeit a bit odd) style and I have a habit of clashing colours or patterns because I just want to wear all my favourite things at once! (My mom encouraged me to dress myself as a child and I’ve been a fan of costume jewelry, loud prints and skirts ever since.)

Here are some images Silvia emailed me to share with you:

I wanted to incorporate lace into my wardrobe after seeing this.

And now that I’ve stopped lusting over the items in these images I can really see just how stunning they are – just how amazing they are photographically. The composition, the lighting, the contrast with the styling details – I’m sure you’d agree they’re simply stunning, complementing the subject at hand. I hope you love them as much as I did, and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Photography: Máté Dobray
Make up: Siwan Hill
Art direction and styling: Silvia Suárez

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