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Taste of London

jeff and katie photobooth

J and my photobooth picture from the Google Local London stand. It was a review party over there!

Friday evening J and I popped by Taste of London, courtesy of the fab team at Google Local London. We had a great time, checking out the stalls, trying new foods and drinks, bumping into friends at the event, and supporting local businesses. (Seriously: we left there with olives, tea, vodka and a bunch of leaflets for products we want to try in future!) Not to mention all the food and drinks we bought on the day.

Full price tickets were £28 to get in, and even though it was a great time (with lots of great food & drink) I think that the entry fee was too expensive when you factor in that all the food/drink was offered at the typical high festival prices. Had entry been £15, I think that would have been spot on for festival goers, though that may have affected the cleanliness of the loos, how often the bins were emptied, etc. However, if you have the spare cash and time to go, today is the last day – so get moving!

Here are some of J & my highlights:

The Google Local London Stand!

The Google Local London Stand!

Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka – yeah, we went there. (And came home with 70cl and some matching shot glasses.)

beer and gin

Cheers! Meteor beer and a Pinkster G&T.


Harassed into buying £10 worth of olives. Delicious, but way overpriced.

Pinkster Gin

Pinkster gin: probably my new favourite kind of gin!

Love coffee

Love coffee! And love the way they decorated their stand.

Passion & Pleasure

Loving the signs at this coffee stand, I probably should have tried this coffee…

The BA lounge at Taste of London

The BA lounge at Taste of London. We didn’t go in, but we thought the airplane style meals/seating were a great touch.


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