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Another Post about London in the Summer…

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Summer is my favourite season. I love the long days, the heat waves, sunbathing at the beach and picnics in the park. Growing up I longed for the days where I could ditch my tights and go bare-legged, shed the cardigans and jackets in favour of vest tops – and eat lots of watermelon and strawberries and food fresh from the BBQ!

But ever since moving to England, it feels like the summer goes far too quickly, what with the not so reliable summer weather – not to mention I no longer live right by a beach!

Which is why, as I write this during the last few days of summer while already wearing a jumper, I find myself dreaming about the warmer days we had this year and some of the little things that stick in my mind about this past summer in London.juice tonic soho

For starters, I found a super cute organic juicery in Soho called Juice Tonic, and discovered that they make some mean (and by that I mean totally tasty!) green all-veggie juices. Even though I’m discovering that I prefer the thickness of a smoothie to a juice, I love the idea of packing in a few more vitamins on those busy work days.

Bonus points: the days where I had time to enjoy my green juice while relaxing in the grass of nearby St Anne’s Churchyard while enjoying the sunshine before heading back to my desk. 
rainbow over regents park

Now, it did rain quite a bit this summer. The downside meant fewer picnics in the park, but the upside meant more rainbows! All swings and roundabouts, eh? And because it rained so much this summer, it felt like we had weekly rainbows, one of which was this beauty over Regents Park.

biju bubble tea

If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I love my bubble tea, so when Biju Bubble Tea opened up in Soho there was only one thing for me to do: try it out! I tried their signature black mousse tea with tapioca bubbles, which was much more savoury than sweet and totally delicious. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

yoshino sushi

Sushi – probably my favourite mealtime food alongside burgers. And the lovely Yoshino Deli on Shaftesbury Avenue has dozens of styles and flavours at very affordable prices. Eat at their counter or order to take away, either way it’s one of my favourite lunchtime cheap eats near Soho. (I think my record was eating here three days straight – which really is a lot of yummy sushi!) 
post yoga iced coffeeThis summer I gave myself a Saturday morning routine, which I somehow managed to stick to (go me!). It was a 10am dynamic yoga class followed by an iced coffee from Euphorium Bakery – short, sweet and simple. I found this left me feeling wonderfully relaxed and energised, helping me start my weekend in a good mood. I’ll be continuing the Saturday morning yoga routing through the autumn, but think I may need to swap the sandals for sneakers and the ice coffee for something of a hotter variety. 😉

What did you get up to this summer? Did you find any lovely little spots, or did you give yourself a nice little weekend routine, too?

2 thoughts on “Another Post about London in the Summer…

  1. A lovely little post! I lovely summer too but also looking forward to the snuggly jumpers and winter boots that I’ll be able to start getting out soon! I did all sorts over the summer but managed to find myself time this weekend to make the most of a little bit of late summer sunshine and went for a wander round Regents Park, no rainbows today unfortunately but still damn pretty!


    • Thanks Rachel! Regents Park is always great for a wander – even when it’s raining! (So many large trees you can duck under to wait out the rainfall.) Hope you’ve been enjoying the start of the snuggle jumper and boots weather! xo


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