Review: Neal’s Yard White Tea Facial Mist

This blog post is part of a series of my personal skin care journey. If you’ve got oily, temperamental, breakout prone skin you may want to read on – and let me know your best skin care tips in the comments! x


It feels like ages ago now, but I’m still working my way through the recommendations I received from Caroline Hirons way back when! And my latest beauty buy from her list of suggestions was the Neal’s Yard White Tea Facial Mist.  

niels_yard_white_tea_facial_mist_review_2 niels_yard_white_tea_facial_mist_review_3 niels_yard_white_tea_facial_mist_review_4 niels_yard_white_tea_facial_mist_review_5I use this after toning and before applying eye cream and a treatment/serum. I find it delightfully luxurious, not only because of it’s floral-almost-citrusy scent that is wonderfully refreshing, but the glass bottle feels splendidly special. (Seriously – what is it with glass bottles that make products feel so much more fabulous and premium?!) After spritzing, my skin feels fresh and hydrated with a gentle tingle.

The White Tea Facial Mist costs £11 for 45ml (via Neal’s Yard), and I’ve managed to completely use this bottle up within one month by using it every morning and evening. And so, when I replace it I’ll be saving it for “special occasions only” – like Wednesdays (when I’m convinced my skin looks its worst!) or Saturdays (when I don’t wear makeup to give my skin a break). But either way, I’d love for this product to be a staple in my skin care arsenal.

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