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Celebrating Feathers’ 40th Birthday

Outside Feathers in Knightsbridge at the Feathers 40 years partyOne of my favourite things about living in London is that you get to meet all sorts of people and there’s never a shortage of options to keep you entertained. So along those lines – that’s pretty much how I found myself on the guest list along with a friend for Feathers’ 40th Birthday Party on Thursday night!


feathers_40th_birthday_london_09Surrounded by on-trend designer garments, we sipped cocktails and nibbled canapés in celebration of Feathers‘, a family run boutique founded by the Bursteins and based in Knightsbridge, 40th birthday. And of course, Mitra, who was writing for The Clothes Maiden, and I bopped around admiring the pieces, lusting after the styles, enjoying the atmosphere and making new friends.

feathers_40th_birthday_london_08 Gin seems to be the alcohol-du-jour in London, and I won’t complain – it’s my tipple of choice!

feathers_40th_birthday_london_01I loved this idea of storing the cocktail garnish in these glass skulls. Chic, trendy, and a bit macabre. Right up my street!


 What would a fashion party be without a Cosmo? So Sex and the City!feathers_40th_birthday_london_05 Ah – an Aviation. A classic cocktail that was popular in the early 1900’s New York, and over the past couple of years I’ve seen this treat making its way onto cocktail menus in London.feathers_40th_birthday_london_12While cocktails are great, nothing really tops a G&T for me. 


A delightful salad canapé – don’t mind if I do!

feathers_40th_birthday_london_06 These heart-topped toothpicks for the canapés were just too cute! I may have (and by that I mean definitely did!) snuck a few of these into my handbag… 



Setting the mood with hit hip hop and pop tracks was DJ Georgia Lewis



And what would a party be without pictures? Acknowledging this, Feathers offered an old-school feel with modern technology by giving guests the opportunity to take home polaroid-style prints of pictures shared to Twitter and Instagram with the #feathers40years hashtag.

feathers_40th_birthday_london_13 feathers_40th_birthday_london_14 feathers_40th_birthday_london_17We were also lucky enough to receive goodie bags with this super adorable Moschino iPhone 5 case! Which has me gutted because, alas, I am not an iPhone 5 owner. Sadness.

harrods at night knightsbridge londonThen, after all the cocktails, laughter, music and fashion appreciation (not only were Feathers’ displays envy-worthy, but the guests were fabulously dressed!) we stumbled outside to this fantastic view of an entirely lit-up Harrods. Sometimes, nothing beats being a tourist and for a moment I was utterly gobsmacked by the beauty of this iconic landmark.

Overall it was a great night, and I had so much fun with my friends! Feathers, thank you for hosting such a wonderful party – happy 40th birthday!

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