Review: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Glorious Gloss in Pearl

joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_2Maybe I’m not the most up-to-date on these things, but I had no idea that Joan Collins had a beauty range until the team at Urban Retreat gifted me the Timeless Beauty Glorious Gloss in Pearl from her eponymous range. But I am oh so glad they did! 

joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_1 joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_3 joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_4 joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_5

Timeless Beauty in Pearl over bare skin. joan_collins_lip_gloss_review_6

Timeless Beauty in Pearl over MAC Media / MAC Modesty / MAC Girl About Town / MAC Red.

Timeless Beauty in Pearl on me / over lip balm.

According to the Urban Retreat website, the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range ‘aims not just to inspire women, but to provide them with the tools to feel and be beautiful at any age.’ And that’s exactly how I feel about this particular product. It’s totally something I would have gotten excited about in my teens, it works well for me now as a 20-something, and I’ve received compliments on it from friends in their 30s.

Urban Retreat says that this gloss’ ‘Light magnifying technology gives luxurious colour and a vinyl effect, lasting, high visibility shine guaranteed to get attention. The incredibly soft, plump and smoothing texture makes lips look and feel glorious.’ Which I think is a pretty fair statement from seeing how it looks on and works for me!

I also love that it can be played up or down – as shown in the swatches above – so I can find ways to wear it both day and night without it ever feel like “too much”. And while I find it lasts for a couple of hours before I feel I need to reapply, this is pretty standard in my experience with lip gloss.

This lip gloss comes in five colours and is available for £18 via the Urban Retreat website.

Please note: while one of the product mentioned in this blog post was a gift, the views expressed are my own. 

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