My new fair trade makeup bag, via Not on the High Street

Ever since I started on my journey to find perfect skin my makeup and beauty collection have absolutely grown! My cupboards were overflowing, my makeup bags were bursting, and I’d begun stacking my products ever-so-carefully in the bathroom – an avalanche of serums and creams and balms ready topple at any moment.

And so, I started hunting for a new makeup bag… and stumbled upon this bad boy!



Utala_elephant_wash_bag_makeup_2 Utala_elephant_wash_bag_makeup_3 Utala_elephant_wash_bag_makeup_4 Utala_elephant_wash_bag_makeup_5

This wash bag by Utala in handmade from recycled cement bags, is certified Fair Trade, and has a super cute elephant on the front. It’s large enough to hold many full size products (none of the ones in the picture above are sample sizes!), and it’s made from a recycled cement bag so it’s definitely water resistant – a must for any beauty storage housed in my bathroom.

Currently this lovely elephant bag is holding the majority of my makeup products (primer, foundation, powder, eyeliner, etc. – basically everything but the lipsticks!), freeing up my over-the-sink cupboard for my skincare products (cleansers, balms, masks, serums, etc.). And being my neat-freak self, I’ve gone so far as to organise the pockets with my ‘every day’ products in one inside pocket, the ‘I use these often, but not necessarily every day’ products in the other inside pocket, and the ‘I bought these products to try out and I like them but they won’t replace my favourites’ on the outside pocket.

I bought this bag from Not on the High Street for £17.95.

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