N1 Postcode Bangle by Whistle & Bango

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About a year ago I stumbled upon Whistle & Bango, a brand founded by three South-West London girls with an adoration for London, and ever since I’ve been desperate for a postcode bangle. Specifically I wanted the N1 bangle as a homage to Angel and Upper Street, my stomping grounds while studying my Masters at City University, and the first area of London that felt like home from the beginning. In the words of Whistle & Bango’s founders, I wanted to wear my heart on my wrist. But the bangle falls into the ‘luxury’ category, and with a wedding, honeymoon and what felt like endless bills (yawn) and social commitments (aka: fun times out with friends!), each month my funds fell short – until recently.

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I ended up buying the N1 bangle (£69) from Wolf & Badger, a retailer founded in Notting Hill in 2009 with a mission to promote and support independent brands. For what felt like ages I’d had intentions of visiting their Notting Hill shop to buy the postcode bracelet in person (and have a nosey about the rest of the boutique!), but when I saw just 2 left in stock on their site I decided to skip the trip and reached for my bank bank card… just in case. (FYI they’ve since restocked, and I could have waited.)

The bangle arrived at my central London workplace via courier just before lunchtime the next day (even though the site said to allow 1-3 working days on the order – how fantastic is that?) in a rather unassuming parcel. But then I opened it and discovered they’d packaged it up as though I’d bought it in the store, complete with a branded shopping bag, gift wrapped box and Wolf & Badger magazine.

The bangle itself is also lovely, weighing in at 30 grams (which is a really nice weight for a bangle – heavy enough to feel special without feeling obtrusive) with a 64mm inner diameter (which is slightly smaller than most bangles I’ve bought, adding a welcome delicate feel). It’s made with a royal blue glossy enamel, embossed with raised silver lettering and encased in a silver-plated shell. The Whistle & Bango logo is also engraved on the inside. So far I’ve received quite a few compliments on it, and I find it super easy to wear with pretty much every outfit!

The only downside is that now that I have the N1 bangle, I also want the W1 bangle (£69) because Soho! ❤ 

And the ladies behind Whistle & Bango don’t miss a trick – they’ve recently released the Blank Canvas Bangle (£79), a delightful gold-plated canvas bangle made with ivory cream glossy enamel and your choice of postcode. And I know exactly which postcode I want when I get around to buying that bangle, which is next on my list after the W1 one. 😉

And by the way – £1 from every sale is donated to SHP, a charity dedicated to helping homeless Londoners. What a fantastic way to make a gorgeous bangle even better!

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