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Review: Chia Oats and Chia Pods

I am by no means a morning person, but I do make sure that I always eat something for breakfast – and preferably something nutritious to set me up for a (hopefully!) healthy day. Most mornings this means I’m reaching for a combination of oats, muesli, granola, yogurt, omega sprinkle, or fresh fruit – basically anything that I can easily carry to work in my rucksack and eat at my desk. (Which isn’t the healthiest way to eat a meal, but at least I’m not distracted by hunger before lunch! I like to see it as the pros outweigh the cons…)

So when I met The Chia Co at the Olympia Beauty Show and they offered to let me sample some of their Chia Oats and Pods, I was stoked to try a new breakfast option that I could easily transport to work.



chia-pod-and-chia-oats-03 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-04 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-05 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-06

The first product I tried was the Chia Oats (£5 for 5 packets from The Chia Co website) in Mixed Berry and Banana & Mango. While they were both tasty and I’d definitely enjoy both flavours again, I personally preferred the Mixed Berry flavour. Sadly, the individual oat packets on their own didn’t keep me filled till lunchtime, so next time I’ll either prepare two packets or include a handful of nuts to help keep me feeling fuller for longer! chia-pod-and-chia-oats-07 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-08 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-09 chia-pod-and-chia-oats-10I also tried the Chia Pod in Banana (which I couldn’t find for sale via the Chia Co.’s site, but I did find at my local Whole Foods for £2.59 ). I’ll be honest with you – at first glance I didn’t think it looked very appetising, but after once bite I was sold! It has a bit of a soft (like yogurt) -but-chewy texture (I know that sounds contradictory, but if you try it yourself you’ll know what I mean!) and is cold right from the refrigerator. I have a personal obsession with coconut, and loved that I could taste a hint of it via the coconut milk in the Banana Chia Pod. It also has a spoon inside the lid, which lends itself to an on-the-go snack. (But it is meant to be refrigerated, so don’t leave it out for too long!) The website lists this one as a great breakfast option, but I’m going to go ahead and keep this one as a snack option for me.

Please note: while the products mentioned in this blog post were gifts, the views expressed are my own. 

2 thoughts on “Review: Chia Oats and Chia Pods

  1. That looks interesting. I was recently in a cafe in Liverpool called the East Avenue Bakehouse and had a bacon sandwich with chia bread. It was the nicest bacon sandwich ever.


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