I’m a Whistle & Bango ambassador!

Call Me Katie - Whistle & Bango Postcode Bracelets - 005

This post is going to be short and sweet: I’m now a brand ambassador for Whistle & Bango! Why should you care? Well, with my discount code you can enjoy a sweet discount.

Call Me Katie - Whistle & Bango Postcode Bracelets - 006

Just over a year ago I bought the N1 bangle in the limited edition royal blue (you can check out that post here!) and since then I’ve also purchased the W1 bangle, which isn’t currently listed on the site. I’ve also got my eye on this letter K bangle, and for my birthday I asked Jeff to get me a bespoke bangle with the postcode of our first home on it.

Call Me Katie - Whistle & Bango Postcode Bracelets - 004

If you follow me on Instagram or read my fashion posts you’ll know these are some of my favourite accessories (I just love how each bracelet feels so memorable and has a story attached to why I chose it), so when the brand got in touch I was only too happy to join the ambassador programme.

So, about that discount! You can enjoy £10 off any enamel bangle on the Whistle & Bango site with my code KATIE10. (So the postcode range, bespoke range, alphabet range and canvas range.) Enjoy! xo

Please note: as part of the ambassador programme I will earn a small commission on bangles sold with my code. 

4 thoughts on “I’m a Whistle & Bango ambassador!

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