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New Year’s Goals for 2015

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I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions – not one bit! But every year I set myself goals, either things I want to do, achieve, or try in the year ahead. I make them as realistic as possible, and then check in regularly throughout the year to see how I’m getting along.

Here are my goals for 2015, and a little bit about why I’ve selected them. Do you have any personal goals for 2015?  

yoga at glastonbury

1. Do more yoga

It’s no secret that I love yoga (so much so that I even write about it over on my other blog, Bending and Booze) and I practice pretty regularly. But lately my practice has slipped and I’m lucky to get to the studio once a week. This goal is about improving my home practice and becoming more mindful about my body, mind and overall health.

vegan smoothie with coconut milk mango banana and blackberries

2. Eat healthier

After two weeks of gluttony while visiting my family in the USA for Thanksgiving and then all the holiday festivities, I’ve been feeling really sluggish. So for this one, I’m focusing on eating more fruits and veg (I’ve already started this with my new blender – so many fruit and veg smoothies! – and attempting Veganuary) drinking more water and cooking more often so that I can really improve my relationship to and understanding of food/nutrition in the long run.

vegan green smoothie with avocado banana apple and almond milk

3. Write more

This was also one of my 2014 goals, and it’s the only one I really stuck with. (Which is pretty obvious if you read this blog – just look how many more entries there were in 2014 compared to 2013!) So I’m keeping this one on the list for 2015 and hoping to really up my game. Here’s to more blog posts here, over at Bending and Booze, and also contributions to review websites (I’m looking at you, Yelp!)  and other blogs, such as Three Little Sparrows.

review of haruki murakimi colorless tsukuro tazaki and his years of pilgrimiage on call me katie blog

4. Read more 

I’ve been a member of London Book Club for almost two years now, and while I haven’t made every meeting (or read every book) being a part of the group has really helped me rekindle my love for reading. While I plan to keep up with London Book Club in 2015, I also want to read even more and challenge my imagination.

new years goal - go out more and make time for date nights

5. Go out more often 

In 2014 I was really no good at keeping in touch with friends or setting aside time for date nights. Yes, I did go out with my friends and go on dates with my husband, but I wasn’t very good at actually making it to my friends’ birthdays, keeping plans, returning calls or text messages because I always felt so ‘busy’. In 2015 I’m planning to get better about this, and the end goal is to strengthen my relationships with my friends and family.

Do you have any goals for 2015? I’d love to hear what they are if you do!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals for 2015

    • Thanks Rachel! And you don’t need any flexibility for yoga. It’s all about learning about your body and exploring what it’s capable of doing – at my first class I couldn’t even touch my toes! I saw in your 2015 To Do list you mentioned health, and I’m a huge fan of yoga so…! 😉

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  1. I also try to set goals that are realistic – nothing is more of a bummer than a failed resolution! Mine are to spend more time with my extended family, to study for a take the GREs again, and to get a cat, finances allowing.

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