New Faves: The Crystal Divide Necklaces

Crystal Divide - 01
I stumbled across The Crystal Divide on Instagram a while back and immediately fell in love with their crystal and gemstone jewellery. So much so that I’ve bought myself two pieces – and yet another for a friend!

Crystal Divide - 02

Crystal Divide - 03

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

The first piece that I love so much is a Large Gold Edged Amethyst Stalactite Necklace (£22 via Etsy), and the second is a White Crackle Crystal Quartz Point Necklace (£16 via The Crystal Divide, though none are currently listed on the site).

I first bought the amethyst piece because I thought it would be a nice statement necklace on nights out. And while that is definitely true, I also wear it to the office and at the weekends when I want to add a bit of personality to a basic top or jumper.

After a few weeks with it – and all the while eyeing The Crystal Divide’s Instagram feed – I started to fall in love with the look of the quartz point necklaces. So the next time I saw they were having a sale I pounced and bagged this beauty, which I adore wearing with black and grey knits.

Now I wear these two pretty much every other day on rotation. They go with nearly everything in my wardrobe, work from day to night and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. What more could I ask for from a piece of jewellery?

I also love that the brand, The Crystal Divide, is based right here in the UK with a studio in Stirling, Scotland. The crystal and gemstone pieces are also made with real stones sourced from around the world, so every piece will be slightly different – and totally unique.

What say you – are you a fan of the gemstone jewellery style?

2 thoughts on “New Faves: The Crystal Divide Necklaces

  1. Hi Katie

    How can you advertise a company like Crystal Divide they are an absolute joke. You cannot contact them by phone and they never reply to e-mails. I’d advise NOBODY to buy from them.


    • Hi Teresa, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with Crystal Divide! I’ve never had to contact their customer service, so can’t speak to that experience. I chose to write about them because I’ve bought from them several times, each time my orders arrived on time and contained the products I’d purchased, I wear the necklaces all the time and am always getting compliments on them! To be clear, Crystal Divide have never contacted me or been in touch with me (outside of the automated emails received from purchasing) so I’ve not been commissioned, asked to write this, or been provided anything from them for this post or in return for writing this post. This post (and all posts on my blog, for that matter) reflect my own thoughts and opinions. If I’d had a negative experience or didn’t like the products, I probably wouldn’t have written about them – and if I had the post would have a much different tone! I hope this answers why I chose to write about them. Thanks, Katie


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