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Photo Diary: God’s Own Junkyard

1. God's Own Junkyard - Enter

God’s Own Junkyard is filled with Neon Man Chris Bracey’s work and collection, and I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw his solo show at Scream Gallery in Soho. As a neon lover, God’s Own Junkyard is basically the end all be all of neon sign glory. It’s free to go, open weekends, and I genuinely have no idea why I haven’t got my act together sooner to check it out…

2. God's Own Junkyard - cow at the entrance

3. God's Own Junkyard - Laughter

4. God's Own Junkyard - Are you getting enough?

5. God's Own Junkyard - ilford films

6. God's Own Junkyard - sandwiches + pastries with a flamingo

7. God's Own Junkyard - 24 hour liquor store

8. God's Own Junkyard - cocktails

9. God's Own Junkyard - Rock N Roll

10. God's Own Junkyard - light where no sun shines

11. God's Own Junkyard - Disco

12. God's Own Junkyard - Wonder Woman and ice cream

13. God's Own Junkyard - the artifical fascinates me the bright & the shiny

14. God's Own Junkyard - more

15. God's Own Junkyard - yes

16. God's Own Junkyard - Tea and Cake

Tea & cake from the Rolling Scones cafe.

17. God's Own Junkyard - Tea and Cake 2

18. God's Own Junkyard - Cake Outside

19. What I Wore to God's Own Junkyard

What I Wore to God’s Own Junkyard

Based about a 10 minute walk from Walthamstow Central tube station or Queen’s Road on the Overground, God’s Own Junkyard is based in an industrial park off a series of quiet residential streets. (It was a peaceful walk, but a couple of times I had that distinctive anxious feeling that we were going the wrong way!) But once Jeff & I arrived yesterday afternoon, there was no mistaking it: we were at Neon Central!

Everywhere we looked there was something to see – new & used neons, salvaged signs, vintage neons, old movie props and retro displays; fairground & circus lighting, architectural pieces, LED and cold cathode. This place really does have it all, and I can’t think of a better way to describe being inside God’s Own Junkyard other than a neon wonderland. A fantastic neon wonderland.

Jeff and I wandered through for about 30 minutes, taking it all in with wide eyes, pointing out different signs to each other and commenting on how we’d love to own a piece of Bracey’s work one day. We took a short break at the Rolling Scones cafe, tucking into tea and cake in the outdoors garden before heading back inside for another look through, discovering pieces I’m convinced weren’t there when we arrived. I loved every minute of it, and couldn’t help myself from taking a bunch of pictures!

And the best bit? Many of the pieces here are for sale! Fellow neon lovers, you know where I want to spend my next paycheck…

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