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Playing at The Sky Garden

The Sky Garden London 1

The Sky Garden has been on Jeff and my London Bucket List for a while, and with summer coming to a close we decided it was time to hurry up and cross it off while the weather was still on our side…

The Sky Garden London 2

The Sky Garden London 3

The Sky Garden London 4

The Sky Garden London 5

The Sky Garden London 6 The Sky Garden London 7

The Sky Garden London 8

The Sky Garden London 9

The Sky Garden London 10

The Sky Garden London 11

The Sky Garden London 12

The Sky Garden London 13

The Sky Garden is London’s highest public garden and is located on the 35th floor at 20 Fenchurch Street. It’s set in the enlarged glass dome at the top of the Walkie Talkie, and features three storeys of landscaped garden and social spaces, including an open air terrace and observation deck.

Jeff and I booked our free visit a few weeks in advance, and opted to go for a Sunday morning coffee (well, cup of tea!) to enjoy the experience and suss out if we wanted to come back for breakfast or cocktails. (We’re thinking cocktails!)

The view is fantastic, and we both agree that it may actually rival The Shard. It’s certainly not as high up as The Shard, but it is free, offers coffee and cake and has an incredible view. It’s on my list of places to bring friends and family when they visit London.

We spent about two hours at The Sky Garden, enjoying the view, wandering through the indoor jungle and sipping mint tea before realising that it had started to rain and we hadn’t brought an umbrella. (Heads up: the open air terrace is closed in the case of inclement weather.) It was a lovely way to pass the morning, and I’m looking forward to a round of sunset cocktails… whenever we get around to booking!

Visits to The Sky Garden are by reservation only, which are free and bookable online here:

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