Sustainable Living: swapping to re-usable make-up remover pads

Re-usable make-up remover pads from UK-based Etsy seller EcoCareCrafts.

Still on this eco-drive, I’ve been looking for even more ways to reduce the waste I produce every day. In this post I’m looking at my skincare routine.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I love skincare. I swear by Caroline Hirons’ approach to cleansing, complete with toners both morning and night. This requires two cotton pads daily – both of which went straight in the bin because I couldn’t use them again.

Re-usable make-up remover pads from UK-based Etsy seller EcoCareCrafts.

Enter my new favourite skincare product: re-usable make-up pads made of 100% cotton that can be washed over and over again – and I’ve been using these for about 2 months and am pleased with how they’ve been holding up in the wash cycles. These work just like their disposable counterparts, perfect for milk cleansers and toner, and when they’re at the end of their lifecycle they can be composted and go back to the earth.

Let’s talk finances: I bought 21 pads for £23 (inc. shipping) from UK-based Etsy seller EcoCareCrafts, so if these last me one year then the cost will be equivalent to purchasing the disposable ones at £2 per pack monthly. Any financial savings would come in year two for me, or could come earlier for your if you made your own or purchased at a lower price. Alternatively, for free you could make your own out of old, 100% cotton clothing you’d like to re-purpose.

What are your eco-tips for beauty? Would you swap to re-usable cotton pads for make-up removal?

Much love, Katie xo

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