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Stopping my cycle of clutter and living more sustainably

Spoiler: this whole outfit is secondhand. 

Since 2000 we’ve doubled clothing production globally. We don’t have double the people, just double the clothes. And while we’ve done this, we’ve reduced how frequently we wear these garments. This equates to more in the rubbish. (source: The Art of Decluttering podcast S1E130 17 November 2019)

I’ve been guilty of this, and as I become more aware of how huge the climate crisis and landfill issue is I want to be even more responsible about my choices. So in 2020 I’m aiming to reduce my consumption, with a strong focus on clothing. Ideally I’ll make it through the year without buying any clothing, but first I need to get through one day, two days, one week, and onwards. I see no point in setting myself up to fail; start with small changes and then keep trying. Because if we stop giving companies our cash, they’ll change to address the demand. 

To dip my toe in the water, I tasked myself not to buy any single use outfits for December parties. And I succeeded. I even hosted a party wearing a thoroughly second hand outfit of items already in my wardrobe. If I didn’t already own these items, I’d have rented from @byrotationofficial.

My motivation is to save more money for my future, to stop adding clutter to my home, and to reduce my footprint on the planet when it’s time to let go of items I now longer need. Because by reducing my consumption, I’m stopping the start of that cycle. 

Do you have any tips for me to help me on this journey?

Dress: second hand Self Portrait via ebay 2019
Shoes: second hand Carvela via ebay 2019
Earrings: Maya Magal and Missoma, 2018
Bracelet: Atelier Swarovski by Viktor & Rolff via ebay 2019
Headband: @mudulondon usingvintage fabric offcuts 2019

Much love, Katie xo

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