I’m giving up buying clothing for one year

The last time I purchased an item of clothing was on 19 November 2019. And now I’m aiming to not buy any clothing, at all, for a full year.


  1. Because I’ve run out of space in my home
  2. I could do with saving more money for my future
  3. and I feel guilty shopping when I don’t know what’s going to happen to all my stuff when I go. (Because all stuff has to “die” one day, and most clothes will end up in landfill – even if via the charity shop and another owner or two first.)

In October 2018 I decided to give up shopping fast fashion, and a full 15 months on I can honestly say it was, surprisingly, easy after the first couple months.

However, that turned me onto vintage, thrifting and charity shopping… And it turns out I’m really skilled at finding designer items at amazing prices. (Even if they aren’t always my size or style!)

So now I’m here, running out of space, wishing for more money for my future, and working toward a more sustainable lifestyle. The best next step for me is giving up clothing shopping, because I was doing too much of it before, anyway – even if it was a more sustainable way to shop! (Don’t worry – I’ll continue to share my sustainable shopping tips here, because I think they’re valuable to share for those that want them.)

Would you consider giving up buying clothes for a full year?

Top: secondhand, mom made it for herself in the 1970s and I found it in her closet about 15 years ago.
Jeans: vintage Levis thrifted 2018
Waistcoat: vintage Marion Donaldson via eBay 2019
Shoes: second hand Carvela via ebay 2019
Jewellery: Necklaces Missoma 2017/2018 and Alighieri old season via overstock sale 2019, earrings Alkymi 2019, bracelet gift from husband 2016

Much love, Katie xo

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