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Only buy what makes your heart sing

Katie wears a maxi dress with a daisy print and chains on the straps, white sandals,  a cream cotton and wooden handled clutch bag and a denim jacket with cuffed sleeves. She's standing in a Spanish bar with tiled floors and walls.

Only buy what makes your heart sing. 🎶

I bought this dress, bag, shoes and denim jacket for the same reason: I tried them on / picked the items up and thought “this has got to be mine”. I like to listen to that voice, because those items always become my most worn. 

When it comes to living more sustainably, more ethically, it’s important to think about this because quantity is the first consideration to help us achieve this: buy less. Because we can’t shop ourselves out of climate crisis, etc. And then, of course, buy better in terms of supply chain (ethical or second hand to give new life), materials (sustainable, recycled) and what we love so we continue to use it for years to come. 

Dress: 2019 (past season via sample sale) 
Shoes: 2019 (sample sale with slightly damaged goods, these have marks on the white leather near the buckle) 
Bag: 2019 thrifted
Jacket: c. 2015

Much love, Katie xo

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