My first Lipstick Queen lippies

Lipstick Queen - 2

Lipstick Queen is one of those brands I’d heard lots about, so when I saw this trio of lippies for half price in the Christmas sales I didn’t have to think twice – I knew I was going to be bringing them home to try!

Lipstick Queen - 1

Lipstick Queen - 3

Lipstick Queen - 4

Lipstick Queen - 5

Lipstick Queen - 6

Lipstick Queen - 7

Lipstick Queen - 8

Vesuvian Blush - a lovely everyday lipstick

Vesuvian Blush – a lovely everyday lipstick

It feels like ages ago now, but ever since I bought this lipstick set from Space NK the Vesuvian Blush and Vesuvian Red have had permanent positions in my purse, right next to my Burberry lippie. I like to think this is a good selection to keep me prepared for whatever comes my way, and so far it’s been doing just that.

These liquid lipsticks brush on smoothly, dry pretty quickly,  have a glossy finish and don’t feel clumpy or cake-y when I wear them. They’re also pretty long lasting, though that doesn’t keep me from touching up throughout the day. (Who wouldn’t want to with a fun brush to play with?!)

The only downside is that if you accidentally twist the base too much then too much product comes out, and if you don’t have somewhere to wipe it off then the excess gets all over the inside of the cap. Definitely not a deal breaker, mind you, just a reminder to twist with caution!

Vesuvian Red is a true deep red shade, Vesuvian Blush is a lovely natural looking peachy colour that’s perfect for everyday wear (it’s actually what I’m wearing in my latest profile picture!) and Vesuvian Fuchsia offers a hit of slick hot pink. Which colour would you wear?

The Vesuvian lipsticks are availabe to purchase individually for £22 each via Space NK.

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