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Brunch and a wander through Brick Lane’s Vintage Market

Wander in East London - 03I’ve lived in London for nearly five years now (when did that happen?!) and during that time nothing quite says ‘it’s the weekend!’ to me like brunch and a wander through a market. I don’t do this nearly as often as I used to – mostly due to being ‘grownup’ and having to do ‘errands’ at the weekend to places like ‘the bank’ and ‘the post office’ and ‘needing to actually get some sleep’, but I digress – though when I do it’s always welcome.

Here are a few photos from last weekend’s brunch and a wander through Brick Lane…

Wander in East London - 01

Wander in East London - 02

Wander in East London - 04

Wander in East London - 05

Wander in East London - 06

Wander in East London - 07

Wander in East London - 08

Wander in East London - 09

Wander in East London - 10

Wander in East London - 11

Wander in East London - 12Our day started at about 2pm in Spitalfields after we realised we hadn’t gotten our act together early enough to get a table at Duck & Waffle (whoops!) so we decided to get brunch (well after lunch time, so maybe we should just call this ‘afternoon breakfast’?) at the first place that had an available table: Smiths of Spitalfields.

If you follow me over on Yelp you’ll know that I didn’t love the experience, but I was very happy with the food. Hard milkshakes, waffles, bacon, eggs – what’s not to love?! And the portions weren’t heaving so I could happily finish my food and leave feeling satisfied. (Sadly the service wasn’t ideal and we felt a bit rushed, but the food was delicious and that’s the main point I’m trying to make on this blog.)

After brunch afternoon breakfast we had a bit of a wander through Spitalfields Market before walking over to Brick Lane. We had a specific shopping list (i.e.: things for the flat that would be nice decorations and under £30) so we made a beeline for The Vintage Market with high hopes.

We rummaged through the old records and bus blinds (“Do they have Islington Town Hall?” “Nope, they only have places where busses terminate.”) while ‘Uptown Funk’ played and everyone discretely bounced along. Tourists scouted out their ideal ‘visit to a Brick Lane market’ souvenirs as we eyed up the vintage clothes (“I remember wearing that when I was younger – does that mean I’m getting old?!”) and I wished I had more money in my bank account and space in our flat so that I could buy myself five more faux fur coats and a dozen or so vintage handbags. Also maybe a scarf – and a broach! – because I’d need to accessories accordingly.

We didn’t find anything this time around so we left empty handed. But it always works out that way at markets, doesn’t it? You either find everything you dreamed of and more, or nothing at all… I guess we’ll just have to go back next week!

5 thoughts on “Brunch and a wander through Brick Lane’s Vintage Market

  1. I have been loving blogposts like this lately, because I am moving to London in the next month and I’ve been jotting down recommendations. I haven’t explored Brick Lane properly but that’s definitely going on my list! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I so please to hear it Sarah! I hope your move goes smoothly, and if you ever fancy a recommendation or would like to meet a new face for a coffee, I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂 x


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