Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Last summer Triyoga launched their alfresco yoga series at Selfridges, and, sadly, I wasn’t able to go. But let’s not focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive – the alfresco yoga series is back, and it’s on every Tuesday morning this summer until 1 September! I went by last week, and had an amazing experience… 

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Triyoga on the roof at Selfridges

Organised by Triyoga and hosted by Vintage Salt, a seaside inspired rooftop resaturant at Selfridges, these yoga classes are taught outside in the fresh open air – with a beautiful view to boot.

I popped by on the 14th for a class lead Annabel Chown, who lead us through a calming, relaxing sequence perfect for beginners and more advanced students alike. While we had all hoped for sunshine, on that morning we were greeted with a typical British summer day – or as Annabel phrased it, a beautiful pewter sky and gentle mist to keep us refreshed. Maybe it’s the optimist in me speaking, but I really appreciated her perspective on the weather, finding a way to appreciate it for what it was and not for what I was hoping it would be. (Which would have been blue skies, sunshine, and upwards of 28C, of course! But that pewter sky and gentle mist was just as beautiful.)

After an hour of bending on our mats, we were each given a delicious cold pressed juice from The Juicery (I had an orange/carrot one that was delish – I wish I’d got the name of it!) and hung around chatting with each other about the view (how could we not?!), what else we had on during the day and where we might see each other on the mat another day.

If you have the opportunity to go, I would totally recommend it – along with the suggestion to arrive early with a charged phone for pictures!

Classes are £20 in advance, £25 on the door. Mats and props are provided and you can book via Triyoga’s website: 

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